Mrs. Dearmon's Rockin' Fourth Grade

June 1 - June 5

Weekly Updates

I was at my happy place this weekend. Can you tell from the background where it was? We are in the home stretch. Here are the updates for the week:

  • SOL Testing this week as follows:

* My math class: Monday morning and Wednesday morning - math

* Mrs. Dawson's class: Tuesday all day - math

* Mrs. Bell's kiddos: Tuesday and Wednesday - math

  • Fourth grade end of the year cookout is on Friday during lunch time. Students may bring a towel to sit on during lunch.
  • Science test on part 2 of animals is on Tuesday. No morning review.

What is Going in Curriculum?

Math (My math class only)

  • Monday we have part 1 of the math SOL which is the computation part. We will begin around 8:30 and go until the students finish.
  • Tuesday will be a review day. We will go over part 2 of the release test which was done in class. We will also review any areas of difficulty from this second half of the test.
  • Wednesday we have part 2 of the math SOL which is the longer part, but there is less computation. We will begin at 8:30 and test until everyone is done.
  • After SOL tests are completed, we will be doing some math challenges and puzzles.


  • We will be finishing out our year with a whole class novel called, The Best/Worst School Year Ever. We will be listening to a few chapters a day and the students will be in groups to answer questions.


  • The students will be revising/editing their final writing prompt and then writing their final copies. These will be graded and put in their language arts folder to be passed on to their next year's teacher.

Word Study/Grammar

  • None - done for the year

Virginia Studies

  • We are done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Monday afternoon we will finish our last bit of notes on ecosystems. There will be a review sheet for homework on Monday night.
  • Tuesday afternoon is the test. Mrs. Dawson's math kids can take it on Wednesday if they are too tired from their SOL.