Crossroads Park Spring Conferences

Crossroads Park Elementary School | February 10, 2021

conferences March 2,3,4 graphic

It is hard to believe that we are already at the point in the 2020-21 school year where we are planning our spring conferences. We received positive feedback regarding our fall virtual conferences, so we look forward to repeating the process for our spring conferences.

We will be holding virtual conferences Tuesday, March 2, Wednesday, March 3, and Thursday, March 4 for on-site students. After school conference times are available both Tuesday and Thursday. In addition, we will have conferences all day on Wednesday, March 3. This means we will have ALL ON-SITE STUDENTS learn online that day. This decision was made to help teachers have time to schedule video or phone conferences throughout the entire day.

We look forward to connecting with you through our spring conferences. Please remember you can always reach out to your student’s teachers any time you have questions about your student’s learning.

Dr. Robert Davis

Independent, At-Home Learning Day Details: Wednesday, March 3

Conference Details

Before the Conference

  1. Sign up for conference time using School Bookings. Mrs. Newman will send out information on how to access this system.

  2. All homeroom teachers in grades K-6 will send home the following before the conference day:

    1. A copy of your child’s Pupil Progress Report. The teacher will provide marks on how your child is progressing in the areas of literacy, mathematics, learner behaviors and skills, and art.

    2. We will grade your child in the areas of physical education, Spanish, and general music.

  3. Develop one or two questions you want the teacher to address during the conference.

  4. We are recommending students in grades 3-6 be present at the conference meeting. Students in grades K-2 will be optional if they attend.

  5. At the end of the conference you will collaboratively set two goals for your child’s learning for the third semester.

  6. If you want to conference with our teacher librarian or PE, Art, Spanish, or Music teachers all you would do is sign up on School Bookings.

  7. Special education teachers will either schedule their conference with the homeroom teacher or they might schedule a separate schedule depending upon the students’ needs.

During the Conference

  1. Your teacher will identify your students' strengths and the progress being made with the reading and math grade level standards. When we do this we will reference the PPR standards and what types of reading instruction we have conducted with all of our students. We will share ideas on how parents can support reading development at home. Teachers will repeat this same process with mathematics.

  2. Your teacher will summarize their observations of students' engagement and their amount of responsibility your child took for completing assignments/seat work.

  3. We will provide commentary on how we see your child in social settings. Does she/he have friends? Is she or he looking happy? Does your child enjoy learning?

  4. We will make sure you have time to ask any questions about your child’s development.

  5. We will end the conference by setting two goals for the second trimester.

After the Conference

  1. Celebrate with your children about their academic and social progress in school!

  2. Ask them about their goals for learning and encourage them to continue to work hard in school everyday.

Do I Need to Sign Up To Speak to All of My Student’s Teachers?

We encourage you to sign up to speak with your student's classroom teacher.

How Long Will Each Conference Take?

Individual teacher conferences are scheduled for 15 minutes.

How Do I Choose Video or Phone Conferences?

An email with a link will be sent to you later in February. You will be able to select if you prefer a video conference or phone call. You will be provided a link if you want a video conference. The teacher will call you if you choose a phone call.

When Can I Sign Up for Conferences?

An email will be sent to families later in February to sign up online.

What If I Need An In-Person Conference?

Due to COVID-19 and the timing of conferences, we are unable to offer in-person conferences.

Do I need a Google account to participate in a virtual video conference?

Yes. Please click HERE to view how to set up a Google account if you do not already have one. A Google account is NOT needed for phone conferences.