The Posspus

Beware this is a unknow species

The Journey has begun

I was told that my grandfather had gone out to find the extremely rare Posspus when he was my age, so I had set of to for fill is dream. My hunt to find this unbelievable create has brought me many times close to my death, Sadly my grandfather never made it back alive.

This picture is all my grandfather left

Where I found it

I had to travel far and wide to find this new species. It took me six days to arrive in Germany. I immediately went straight to the Black Forest and set up a camp. On my third night in the Black Forest I heard a rustling sound coming from the tree tops. It was the Posspus, legends say that they live in the tallest trees in the Forest. I started shaking the tree not knowing what would happen if the animal fell out and it did. I had never seen anything like it, the Posspus just stood their staring into my eyes I could tell it was injured from the fall.

What it looked like

This creature has the head and body of a Possum but the tail of a Platypus. I believe that it is a nocturnal animal considering the fact it was ever active in the tree. It's fur is and mix of brown black and bege but the tail is and dark brown that is completely different from the rest of the body. They have large ears to listen for predators and a long brush tipped tongue. Strangely enough one eye was green and the other was blue with a long nose for smelling food. It's claws where sharp and dirty as if it had been scratching the bark of a tree. They eat mainly nectar and pollen found in banksias, blossoms. They sometimes eat insects and soft fruits if nectar and pollen are not available and are found only in Eastern Australia.