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November, 2020

New books about diversity, equity, and inclusion

The media center has been purchasing dozens of new books about topics involving diversity, equity, and inclusion. These titles can be found in traditional print books (fiction and non-fiction), as well as digital books on Sora and Gale ebooks.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Hudson PTO, the library was able to add 24 new diversity titles to our Gale ebooks collection. These titles cover a wide range of topics, including race, religion, gender, ethnicity, culture, LGBTQ, disabilities, discrimination, and Black Lives Matter. When you access the Gale ebooks link on the library website, you can sign in with Google.


Green screen available in media center

A ginormous green screen has been installed in the media center near the front windows. The green screen allows you to create chroma key videos on your iPad using iMovie. You can easily replace the green screen with a background of your choice (a photo or a video). You can create a class project that places you in a different part of the world, in a video game, or inside a cell. The sky is the limit.

The green screen is available anytime. No need for an appointment. See Mr. Robitaille for assistance in how to use the chroma key feature in iMovie. He can also hook you up with an iPad tripod.


Tech Tips for iPads

As we discover more efficient ways to use iPads, people are sharing tips, shortcuts and new strategies that could benefit everyone at HHS. I created a YouTube playlist called Tech Tips, which offers quick videos that demonstrate time-saving techniques to help you best use your iPad. I plan to continue adding short video tips to this playlist as I discover strategies that will improve your iPad usage. I encourage you to subscribe to the playlist so you can be notified of new video additions. Feel free to reach out to me on email or in person if you have any iPad questions or if you want to suggest a new video for the playlist.


Fiction books now genrefied

In an effort to make it easier to browse for library books, the media center staff undertook a massive restructuring of the fiction collection this year. All fiction books are now shelved according to their genre:

  • Mystery
  • Realistic Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Sports
  • Horror
  • Historical Fiction

Sections are signed to make it easy to find the genre you seek. Within each genre, books are shelved according to the author's last name. See a librarian if you need help finding a good book.


Secure iPad charging available

If your iPad needs a pick-me-up throughout the day, you are welcome to use the self-service charging locker at the front of the media center. The charging locker allows users to securely charge their iPad. All you need to do is unlock a locker, plug in your iPad, close the door, and enter a 4-digit PIN that you will remember. When you return to the locker, enter the same PIN to unlock the door and retrieve your iPad.


Updating your iPad to iPadOS 14

Recently our technology department pushed a significant software update to your iPad. When you upgrade to iPadOS 14, you gain the ability to install widgets and convert handwritten notes to text (Scribble).

To upgrade your iPad, open the settings and then select General > Software Update. Ideally you will want to plug your iPad into main power and allow the upgrade process to take a while.

The video below demonstrates how to use a stylus to convert handwritten notes to text. There are a lot of handy editing features you can do with this Scribble feature. Feel free to stop by the media center if you require any support with this software upgrade.

How to write on your iPad with your Apple Pencil - Apple Support


Accessing your daily bell schedule

If you finding yourself scratching your head every morning and wondering which hybrid bell schedule we are following, I encourage you to bookmark a quick reference website that I created to provide instant access to the schedule.

I continuously update this website to reflect the most up-to-date schedule. If you want immediate access to this site, I recommend adding it to your iPad's home screen. When viewing the site, tap the sharrow button and select Add to Home Screen.


iPad Tip: Accessing Google Docs in Safari

You've probably noticed that the Google apps on your iPad are stripped-down versions of their Chromebook counterparts. The Google Docs app, for example, offers limited editing and formatting functionality. If you miss the full-browser Google Docs experience, then you might want to start using Safari to edit your Google Docs.

To edit Google files in Safari, all you have to do is type the following URLs into the search bar:

Google Docs:

Google Slides:

Google Sheets:

Google Classroom:

Google Calendar:

Google Drawings:

If a Google app is ever being annoying on your iPad, I recommend accessing it in Safari. This will give you access to the full array of editing and formatting features.


How to reach Mr. Robitaille

During this period of hybrid learning, I will be checking my email numerous times per day. If you have a question about a resource or instructional technology, I encourage you to shoot me an email.



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