Mrs. Bickley's Music

Making Music at the Lower School

February 2016


This month the PK3 Barnyard Buddies and Puppy Pals learned three new favorite songs:

  • Love Somebody
  • Shoo Fly
  • Peas Porridge Hot

PK3 students brought home musical valentines today - see below for directions on QR codes!


Lollipop Drums, Giant Scrunchies and Garageband OH MY!

In February, we are using Garageband on the iPad to record each PK4 class singing a Valentine Song. This week we discussed dynamics, balance, and microphones.

What fun it was to record and listen back to our voices in song!

PK4 students brought home musical valentines today - see below for directions on QR codes!

JK: Parade of the Presidents & Founding Mothers

This past week the Junior Kindergarten shared a beautiful presentation and play: Parade of the Presidents and Founding Mothers. The children performed accompaniments on hand bells, tambourines and temple blocks. The children sang and spoke with stage presence and musicianship. Congrats JK Super Stars!

K: QR Codes and Digital Learning Journals

In Kindergarten we are exploring folk dances, poetry, and song verses. Some of our latest favorites include: Sing A Song of Sixpence and Funny Puppy!

The children are learning about composing and creative musicianship. We are utilizing our L/S iPad carts weekly and using QR codes for centers and small group work!

sharing student learning in meaningful ways


  • This month I am focusing on QR Codes


  • Document and share (digitally) the music learning process
  • Track student growth
  • Connect and engage together!

How? to access you will need...

  • smart device (tablet or smart phone)
  • QR code reader App: Apple / Android

1. Open QR code reader app & hold the scanner (it looks like a camera) over square QR code

2. The scanner automatically pulls up the attached file

3. Download or save, listen or watch! :)

BICKLEY'S Pick of the Month

Looking for music activities over mid-winter break? Pinterest is a great source for educational ideas and inspiration. Here are a few of my favorites: