Jason Kelly

Who I Am

5 words that describe me.

5 Words that describe me are: Sympathetic, Agreeable, Willing, Dependable and loving.

What my influence is on the class

I can bring many things to my classmates and have a good influence on them. I can bring very good teamwork and helpful tips to help my group. I'm always on task and that can help my group get focused on the assignment. I can be very independent but can share my work with the class or my group.

My Careers

Gardening Engineering NavalWork Judge

My animal

My animal that was chosen for me was a beaver, they are hard working and and very content, they are very good with teams

My color

My color was blue. They are good with teams and makes sure everyone is in the desision process. They beleive teams are better them one. They often emote present things as in feelings. And tend to calm up if they sense hostility or rudeness