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Published: February 23, 2020

3rd Quarter Ends on March 10th. 4th Quarter Begins on March 11th. Teachers have until March 18th to input grades in IC. Progress reports will be run on March 20th.

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Principals Message

We have two dates set aside for student led conferences. The first is this Thursday from 4-7pm. The second is the following Wednesday from 4-7pm.

The student led conferences are not mandatory and don't have to be held at school. Our kids are prepared to lead you through the creation of their Google Site that houses their academic progress and personalized information from the school year.

The kids will be prepared to present their data at school or they can access the data and script from home as well.

If you'd like to have your SLC at school, click here to sign up for a slot. Our teachers will be present to support kids and answer questions.

Erika Bowles

James Demetrakis

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This Week's Events

Monday: Dailey's ESS, Club U

Tuesday: New Tutorial Classes Begin, Boys Volleyball at Conner

Wednesday: K-Prep Field Test Day, Drama Club, Friendship Bracelet Club

Thursday: SLCs from 4-7. See principal's message for more info. Boys volleyball at Gray

Friday: Sign Language Club, Forensics Team Practice, Dance from 7-9, Pep Rally

Ballyshannon SEL, Counseling, and Guidance

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Topics This Week:

It Takes a Village: Teen Anxiety - 5 Ways to Help Your Teen Cope

SEL Topics

Tech Tips: Reasons Teen Report Higher Depression Rates

Ballyshannon School Counseling

Info From Our Teachers

6th Grade Newsletter --Click here!

7th Grade Newsletter ..Click here!

8th Grade Newsletter--Click here!

These links change every month.

Info from our PTSA

We are looking for volunteers and concession donations for the last 2 school dances.

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School Hours

Doors open: 7:00am (students report to gym or cafe)

Breakfast: 7:00-7:30am

Tardy Bell: 7:35am (students must be in their 1st period classroom)

Buses, Walkers, Bike Riders dismiss: 2:35pm

Car Riders dismiss: 2:40pm