Quiet on the Set!

Using and Creating Digital Book Trailers

Sherry McElhannon

Library/Instructional Technology Specialist - ESC Region 12


  • Overview/Examples
  • Brainstorming
  • Collecting Media
  • Creating a Trailer - PC
  • Creating a Trailer - Mobile
  • What Now?

Consider this:

  • What is the purpose of the trailers at the beginnings of movies?
  • What to they include?
  • How do they work?

Talk vs. Trailer

Book talk: n. what is spoken with intent to convince someone to read a book.

Book trailer: n. a video advertisement for a book which employs techniques similar to those of movie trailers.

Digital Booktalk: n. a combination of both!


  • Engage reluctant readers
  • Literacy - digital, visual, traditional

"When did you STOP reading?" - http://youtu.be/gokm9RUr4ME?t=2m3s

"Knowledge of the fact that digital is the preferred first language of the media culture may be of some help leading the way to possible solutions to overcoming literacy deficiencies." Robert Kenny, UCF

Who makes book trailers?

Let's go to the Movies!

As you watch these book trailers, consider the different styles. Was a particular style more effective? Why? Which books do you want to read now?


Click Sample Trailers.

Book Trailer Showdown

The Hunger Games Official Book Trailer


Tips for Success!

  • Remember, it's a "book" trailer - not a short movie.
  • Don't always summarize the plot.
  • Create a mood.
  • Keep it short!
  • Spend time on the script
  • Find the call to action - "read this book because..."