Author: Will Hobbs, Reviewer: Dakota Hawkins

Book review so far

So far in my book the characters are all trouble makers that have been sent to this camp to get disciplinary action for their wrong doings. The camp is not like they thought it was going to be instead of just an outdoor camp, but instead it is an mountain climbing, hiking, river riding thrill. Most of them are tested to the limit to scare them enough to where they will hopefully straighten up their acts.

Three Quotes

  1. "I'm about to black out, about to fall off a mountain, and my only hope is this sawed-off criminal wildman who wants to make some kind of a joke."
  2. "Troy and I walked together on the long hike from Strom King back to base camp."
  3. "Out in front of his cabin chopping wood."

Other information

This book has lots of imagery and description due to the fact that it id based on the outdoor, so that makes it easy for the author to make very detailed and descriptive thoughts. He also able to create the image by adding teens around 15-17 years and tells about their past and ties it together to make the story more interesting.