Cole Edgerton

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When you're invisible in the real world it doesn't mean that you can't be seen like superheroes but it means that you can be seem physically seen but you feel like no one seems to notice you.

The Circuit

  • “Yes, it was that time of year. When I opened the front door to the shack, I stopped. Everything we owned was neatly packed in cardboard boxes.” This shows that the family moves a lot and the kid doesn’t have a say about moving. The kid is invisible because he doesn’t have a say about invisible. He’s invisible because he is not heard. (Jimenez 66).

  • “That day I could hardly wait to get home to tell Papá and Mamá the great news. As I got of the bus, my little brothers and sisters ran up to meet me. They were yelling and screaming. I thought they were happy to see me, but when I opened the door to our shack, I saw that everything we owned was neatly packed in cardboard boxes.” They are moving again. The kid had good new but has to forget about it. The family didn’t tell the kid so he had no say about moving so he is not heard. That’s how he is feeling invisible. (Jimenez 71).

Homeless Children

  • “But these kids are often invisible, crashing with their families on friends’ couches, sleeping in all-night diners or hopping from motel to motel from week to week.” These people don't have anywhere to stay permanently. When these people are on the streets no one seems to notice them sleeping there and living there. This makes them invisible because no one cares about them and no one wants to help so they're part of the invisible population. (Newsela 1).
  • “The U.S. Department of Education counts the number of school children without a fixed address, which comes to 1.1 million.” Those children have no place to live and go unnoticed The people that walk by them live in a house, they have food to eat, they have shelter, and they have people that care for them. The children living on the street don’t have any of that. (Newsela 2).
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The Homeless Child Experiment

  • Through the day fouseyTUBE puts this kid out to pretend to be a homeless child. He wants to see how society reacts. He said “He’s one of our own, so lets see what happens.”
  • No one gives the kid money even when he walks up to them and asks them for money to buy his sister a meal. People act like he is not there. He is invisible to the society.
  • In the middle of the video this guys sits down in the grass and starts crying. So fouseyTUBE and the kid walk over to him to ask what is wrong and he said the police took his dog. So fouseyTUBE gave the guy enough money to get his dog back. After that he told us how important it was to give to the ones in need.


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