Check Yourself

Before You Check In for Duty


Hair - neat, clean and contained

Facial hair - trimmed, neat and contained

Jewelry - all piercings and necklaces removed


Clean - bathed, no body odor and clothing free of debris (hair, dandruff, etc.)

Hands/arms - nails trimmed, polish free, jewelry removed

Soars/injuries/etc. - properly bandaged and covered; use disposable gloves changed frequently


Uniforms/clothing - laundered, neat and clean

Aprons - laundered, neat and clean

Shoes - appropriate and clean


LOOK IN THE MIRROR - How do you appear? Do you look neat and clean?

SNIFF TEST - Do you smell?

JEWELRY - Remove all rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and ALL piercings

ALL HAIR - Is it tamed and contained?

SOARS,ETC. - Are they properly covered?

***Management has an open door policy for assistance with any of these concerns.***