SPCS Connector 2022


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Note from the Administrator

Dear Parents,

After much anticipation, we are excited to start the school year at SPCS. We do not know all that the future holds, but we are confident that our God is good and that we may go to him with all of our concerns, and he cares for us. We have been looking forward to seeing students again, welcoming new faces and seeing how returning students have grown over the summer.

Each month, we will publish a school newsletter. In this newsletter you will find some important information about activities in school, health updates, calendar and lunch menu.

We are now in the office and are happy to answer any questions you may have. The best way to contact me is by email at shoffman@southportpres.org if you have questions or need anything. Mrs. Thein can be contacted at bthein@southportpres.org. We are looking forward to a great year!

God Bless,

Mrs. Hoffman


Meet our Staff

Preschool Staff:

Mrs. Karen Bland Threes Lead Teacher

Mrs. Ashley Wilson 3-Day Threes Assistant

Mrs. Ana Keyler 2-Day Three's and 3 Day Pre-K AM Assistant

Mrs. Julie Kelly 3-Day Pre-K Lead Teacher

Mrs. Melissa Crocker 3-Day Pre-K PM Assistant

Mrs. Danielle Dowling 3-Day Pre-K Preschool Plus Lead Teacher

Mrs. Marcy Coppock 3-Day Pre-K and Preschool Plus Assistant

Mrs. Mary Crocker 4-Day Pre-K Lead Teacher

Mrs. Lynae Danzeisen 4-Day Pre-K Assistant

Ms. Maya Johnson 5-Day Pre-K Lead Teacher

Mrs. Brenda Thompson 5-Day Pre-K Assistant

Elementary Staff

Mrs. Kim Clevenger Full Day Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Rachael Brunet Full Day Kindergarten Assistant

Mrs. Catherine England Half Day Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Suzy Patrick Half Day Kindergarten Assistant

Mrs. Christi Lewis First Grade Teacher

Mrs. Dedra Gregory First Grade Assistant

Miss Laura Dragoo Second Grade Teacher

Miss Sekeana Masih Third Grade Teacher

Ms. Anna Myers Third Grade Assistant

Mrs. Julia Schmidt Fourth Grade Teacher

Ms. Katie Dill Fifth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Michelle Kanning Librarian

Mrs. Sheron Arnold Art Teacher

Mrs. Christy Carrie Music Teacher

Mrs. Savannah Huffman Physical Education Teacher

Office Staff

Mrs. Shana Hoffman Principal

Mrs. Becky Thein Preschool Director

Ms. Sally Thompson Office Manager

Mrs. Susie Cover Business Manager

Ms. Beth Dawson Scholarship Manager

Mrs. Christi Champ School Nurse


2022-23 Health Plan and Resources

Covid-19 Health Plan

Follow this link to our Covid-19 Health Plan for SPCS.


Masks are not required for students and staff except when returning on days 6-10 following a positive COVID test. SPCS has approved a mask option policy for our staff and students. This could change based on a mandate from the local government or the Marion County Public Health Department or the Indiana Department of Health.

Self-Screening at Home

Every morning before you send your child to school, please, follow the self-screening on this COVID-19 Screening for Parents provided by the Indiana State Department of Health. If your child has any symptoms listed, please, keep them home from school until you have spoken with the school nurse to determine next steps. The How Sick is Too Sick document from the ISDH is also helpful in determining if your child should stay home when experiencing any symptoms of illness.

Custody Arrangements and School Documenation

If there are any special custody circumstances, you will also need to complete the Custody Notes and Directives form.

Custody Notes and Directive Form.

Asthma or Food Allergies

If you have a child with asthma, allergies or other health issues, you will need to set up a time to meet with Mrs. Champ to discuss their health needs, bring medications, and complete an allergy action or asthma action plan before your child may start school. Mrs. Christi Champ can be reached at cchamp@southportpres.org.

Asthma Action Plan

Allergy Action Plan

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School supply lists are posted to the school website for each class. Access the supply lists directly by clicking the link below:

Supply Lists

Carpool Reminders

  • Have your child unbuckled and ready to get out of the car.

  • Do not exit your vehicle while in the car line. Teachers are there to assist if needed.

  • Do not allow children to hang out of car windows or stick their head out of a sunroof. This could lead to serious injury if you were to stop fast or get rear-ended in the line.

  • Refrain from talking on the phone during carpool. This can be distracting and cause accidents.

  • If you arrive after carpool is over, you will need to pull up to Door 1 and walk your child in the building.

  • If it is raining, children should wear a jacket with a hood. We ask that students not bring umbrellas to school.

  • Always be patient and courteous with other drivers.

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We can't do it without your help!

We have several opportunities to volunteer in various places throughout the school year. Please see the needs below.

1. We need preschool parents who would be willing to volunteer in their child's class if a substitute is needed for one of the teachers. If you are interested in this, you will need a background check and will need to let Mrs. Thein, our preschool director, know of your interest. bthein@southportpres.org or 317-534-2931.

2. The school cafeteria is looking for volunteers to help set up the cafeteria for school lunch and to serve. We need several volunteers for lunch to run smoothly. Volunteers do not have to help every day but can pick which day or days work best in your schedule. If you can help, email kskora@southportpres.org or call 317-534-2909.


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Lunch Account

Lunch accounting is housed in the FACTS Family Portal. You may access your child’s account to view what they have been buying from the lunch line. Please make sure you have money in your child’s account for lunch purchases to be made.

Elementary students are allowed to get one second helping from the line for a fee.

Entrée $2.40

Half of Entrée $1.20

Vegetable/ Fruit .80

Milk .65

Dessert .55

Roll/Bread .35

Pickles .30 each


Tuition payments must be current for a student to attend school. This means that the June and July monthly tuition fees must be paid along with all Registration and Material/Book fees. If you have questions about your child's account, you may access your FACTS Family Portal account on FACTS. Here is a link to the instructions for setting up your account. If you have questions, you may contact the school office at 317-534-2929.

To set up an account or log in to add lunch funds:

  1. go to https://www.myspcs.org/
  2. click the "Family Portal Button" on the top right side of the page
  3. login (or follow prompts to create an account)
  4. from the main menu, select "Financial"
  5. to set up tuition payments: click "set up a payment plan"
  6. to add money to lunch accounts: click "add funds"


Each Friday, K – 5th Grade students and staff will be joining together in worship. Guest speakers from the church and community visit to share how God has worked in their lives and to impart Biblical wisdom to our students. This is also an opportunity to sing praises to our God and to recognize students for our Accelerated Reader Program as well as birthdays. To start off the year, we will be meeting virtually. The speaker and other parts of the service will be pre-recorded and students will watch and participate in individual classrooms. Unfortunately there will be no visitors permitted.

Our First Regular Chapel will be on Friday, July 27, 2023


What's Happening


First day of school for 2D3's, 4 Day Pre-K, and 5 Day Pre-K


First day of school for 3D3's, 3 Day Pre-K, and 3 Day Pre-K w Preschool Plus


First Chapel 9:00 AM--Melissa Davis Speaking


Family Worship Night See Link for details.


Chapel 9:00 AM- Prais and Worship Chapel


Chapel 9:00 AM-Tori Nuetzel Speaking


Chapel 9:00AM-Praise and Worship Chapel


We would love for you to join us for worship on Sunday mornings either virtually or in-person. Click on the "Worship With US AT SPC" title/ link for more information.