Old Union Digital Learning Visit

March 19, 2015

8:30-8:45 Beth Hewett-Language Science

Today in Language Science, the students are starting the day by doing a phonological awareness activity where students sort pictures based on sounds and taking turns displaying their answers on the Promethean Board. After that activity the kids are going to play a spelling game on the iPads using Kahoot.

8:45-9:00 Suzanne Johnson-1st Grade

Mrs. Johnson's first graders will be using the Shadow Puppet app to photograph, record and present the multiple steps required to solve a "problem of the day" with a partner. They'll start with the information given. Then they'll discuss the main question. Several different problem solving techniques will be displayed through this visual representation of the children's work!

9:00-9:15 DaNeil Hill-Kindergarten

Ms. Hill’s class will show how we incorporate technology into our Reading Workshop daily routine.

A group of students will be using QR codes to scan books to listen and read during independent reading time. They will scan the codes with a QR Code Reader app found on our iPads at OUES. Another group of students will use QR codes to learn their sight words. The students will use the code to Scan it-Read it- Find it- and Write it.

A small group of students will be working with Ms. Hill using the app Chatterpix Kids. The students will use a real picture of themselves and she will record them as they are reading. The Chatterpix App will allow them to make their picture talk like it is reading the words on the book. These videos will be stored in the app and on dropbox for other students to listen to in the future.

A pair of students will be working with the AR Flashcards Animal Alphabet and AR Flashcards Space app that shows augmented reality…where pictures come to life. Kindergarten uses AR flashcards for the letters of the alphabet, dinosaurs, and planets.

A small group of students will demonstrate the ColAR app works. Students will use paper from the ColAR app to draw a picture of a character or setting from one of the books in their book bag. This will be their trigger image. When using the ColAR app on the trigger image, the picture will become 3-D.

9:15-9:30 Nicole Mertens-4th Grade

For Mrs. Mertens lesson, students will be creating books to classify two-dimensional figures. They will be appsmashing with ChatterPix and Book Creator.

9:30-9:45 Keri LeJeune-Quest

Mrs. LeJeune will be working with the 4th grade Quest students as they explore the world of Robotics through Lego Mindstorm EV3 kits. This unit of study is a hands-on, minds-on approach– designed to help students take ownership of the learning process, enabling them to actively develop the problem-solving skills and collaborative outlook necessary to become creators, not just consumers.

9:45-10:00 Heather Loomis-Library

Mrs. Loomis has been doing Genius Hour sessions with classes this year. Today she will be working with a second grade class. The kids love genius hour because it allows them to explore things that excite them. All students are challenged regardless of their learning ability/level.