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Issue 13, 20 September 2019

Principal's News

Wow, what a term that has been! I'm not sure if it is as I get older or that I am noticing it more, but life seems to just get busier and busier! If you are anything like me; making time to slow down and take time out is one of the last things I do. I actually think I tend to just cram more in to what is an already hectic household. But in reality, while the thought of stopping the merry-go-round for a moment and taking time out is for many quite stressful it is the best thing we can do.

Spending time in relaxation, mediation, praying, with our families or just in silence can bring to our world a whole new perspective. This precious time can give us the strength to face what lays ahead in the day or be less reactive in our interactions with one another. This precious time can build relationships within our family, with God and with ourselves. It is hard to be the best we can be for those who need us when our batteries are running on empty.

I hope that this term break can be a time for your family to stop, take a breath and spend time doing what is important to you. Thank you for another wonderful term filled with learning, laughter and a community spirit that I am glad to be a part of.

Have a wonderful holiday to all of our students and staff.

Eloise Beveridge


Friday evening was a magical evening for our incredible students and families. An evening to celebrate the skills our students have developed this year across their chosen music and dance areas. Showcase is an opportunity for our children to share their progress with you and have the chance to perform on stage in such a wonderful facility as the MAC. Much thanks is extended to our incredible music tutors and dance staff for their efforts to prepare our students for such an event. A special thank you to Miss Renae and Mrs Wynn for their endless efforts in coordinating Showcase, a huge effort that we are all so thankful for, thank you Ladies!

Sunraysia China Cutural Exchange

This year our college has been privileged to be one of four local Sunraysia schools to participate in the Sunraysia China Cultural Exchange. A partnership that is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with the Dali Prefecture. TLC is excited to be a part of such a long standing and commendable program.

Four of our year 10 students have spent the last week living with their host families and attending school at Xiaguan No. 1 Middle School. Their incredible opportunity will continue next week as the combined Sunraysia group travels to Xian and Beijing.

I have been fortunate to join the tour this year and can only commend our students, Laura, Lily, Lana and Jemima on the incredible way they have faced such cultural contrasts and embraced the experiences, representing not only themselves, their families but our college with poise and dignity. Well done ladies!

The experience has been one that I will never forget and one I know that the girls will also never forget. The stark contrast to life in Mildura can be confronting but it is also one of great wonder, learning and opportunity. This week we have strengthened ties with our sister school, Xiaguan No. 1 Middle School and the Dali Prefecture. I talk a lot about community, this tour has given our college the opportunity to grow our local community by partnering with other Sunraysia schools but also to grow our community abroad. Our partnership with Xiaguan No. 1 Middle school and the Dali Prefecture will only get stronger and provide the opportunity for many more TLC students to participate in the exchange in coming years.

Eloise Beveridge

Italian Exchange

We have had a wonderful time of late at TLC with the college hosting guests from China mid term and then Italy last week. May we please extend a huge thanks to our families who have opened their homes to our international guests, your support has been incredible and most appreciated. Thank you also to Mrs Kadziela who worked so hard to coordinate the program for our Italian guests, many of them teary when they left as they had such a wonderful experience here in Mildura.

Being able to share such international experiences and expose our students to cultures beyond our own is such a strength to the IB program. We hope to continue this program and provide further opportunities for families to host students in the future and our students to travel aboard.

Grandfinal Winners

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Congratulations to our Bambill champions!

Ben Nitschke won the Millewa League Premiership.

Marlies Nitschke was runners up in Netball C Grade Grandfinal.

Jorja won the Sunraysia Women's Football League Premiership.

Trinity would also like to congratulate Jorja on an amazing year in the WFL:

  • Finished in the Top 10 League goal kickers in her first year (19 goals)
  • Selected in the 2019 Bendigo Pioneers u18 Girls squad (3 games)
  • Selected in the Richmond Next generation u17 Girls team (Ruck, team won by 60 points)
  • Selected in the 2019 Bendigo Pioneers Team for V Line cup (to be played in Shepparton in the September school holidays)
  • Selected in the 2019 Sunraysia Academy of Sport AFL Program (program for young athletes boys and girls)