Food-based birthday treats

Food-based birthday treats not allowed in PSUSD

The PSUSD wellness policy does not allow food-based birthday treats to be shared at school. Instead, we are asking for families that would like to celebrate birthdays at school to provide a "treat" from one of the possible ideas listed below. By not allowing food-based birthday treats, we help all of our Rangers be happier, safer, and healthier.

Food-based birthday treats add up! In a classroom of 30 students, over the course of 9 months of school, students would consume an average of 3 treats per month - that's almost one every week! Eating a donut or cupcake once a week for someone's birthday becomes less than a "once-in-awhile" treat and more of a routine snack. And that is a lot of sugar!

Some of our students have life-threatening allergies. Birthday treats are the most dangerous for students with allergies because teachers generally don't know if they are coming and what will be served. And if a treat arrives, there is not enough time to make sure the treat is safe for all students.

Our staff has been instructed to turn away food-based birthday treats; so please don't bring them. Instead, if you or your child wants to bring something in for his/her birthday, pick one of these ideas or think of something else creative:

  • special pencils (pre-sharpened is always appreciated)
  • special erasers
  • notepads
  • crayons
  • water-based markers
  • bouncy balls
  • washable tattoos
  • pencil toppers
  • goofy straws
  • mini-games (like travel size checkers)
  • a game for the classroom
  • a puzzle for the classroom
  • stickers
  • books for each student
  • books for the classroom library
  • hi-lighters
  • colored glue sticks
  • yo-yos
  • Sudoku
  • word searches
  • crossword puzzles
  • mad libs workbooks
  • glow sticks/bracelets
  • silly putty
  • jump ropes
  • playdough
  • sidewalk chalk
  • slap bracelets
  • anything you can think that kids would love!

As always, if you don't want your child to receive gifts at school for birthdays or other holidays, please contact your teacher to let him/her know.

Please help our students be healthy, safe, and happy by complying with the PSUSD wellness policy!