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Home and School Connection, Week of April 27- May 1

A Note from Mrs. Buckels

Hello Parr Patriot Families,

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4-8. Please be on the look out for information from PTA about how we can show our appreciation for our teachers.

Next week's work will be available on it's Learning on Monday morning. Don't forget to check out the other courses that your child has access to-PE, Art, Music, Library and our Parr page.

In this S'more, you will find videos for each day of the week with the morning announcements if you would like to start your student's day with these. You can access them from this S'more or from our Parr it's learning page. We will also have a Workout Wednesday video from Coach Henderson.

Don't forget our technology department has a helpline that is now available for any issues you may be having! The number is 281-284-0500. They are available M-F from 8:00-4:00.

Check out our Parr Staff Flipgrids.... a chance for us to say hello and share something fun each week!

Click on the titles below for the morning announcements!

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Patriots love their Zooms!

Pre-K/Kinder registration

CCISD is gearing up to welcome new Pre-K & Kindergarten students for next year! Online registration will begin on April 20 and documents will be accepted at campuses beginning Aug. 10.

Additionally, Clear Creek ISD will host a live presentation and Q&A session to help navigate parents and guardians through the registration process. This virtual information session will assist families with how to prepare their student for school and what to expect in the first years of their formal education.

The A, B, Cs of Pre-K & Kindergarten Success:
Live Virtual Information Session for Parents & Guardians

April 22, 2020
10:00 a.m.

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Click on the link below to fill out the Are you returning for 2020-21 form

Resources for families

Counselor's Corner

We are here for you and ready to provide support however we can. Please email Laurie Hennington, our interim counselor,

Click this link for more resources!

Video about Responsibility K-2

Stuck On An Escalator - Take Action

Debrief about Responsibility Video


What happens to the escalator? How do people respond?

Something went wrong. How did the people on the escalator take Responsibility (or not)?

Are there times when you are unable to take Responsibility?

Think about all the choices the people in this video make. What does it teach us about Responsibility?

Video about Responsibility and Honesty 3-5

Dial Direct "The Notebook" directed by Greg Gray

Debrief about Responsibility and Honesty Video 3-5


How does this boy show Responsibility?

What motivates his Responsibility? What motivates yours?

How do his actions affect his mom?

What are the connections between Responsibility and time?

What does this short film teach you about Responsibility?

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Click the box below for a video tour of it's learning and resources

From Nurse Burke

Hello everyone! Below are a few links full of great information on cloth face masks, and how do get essential errands done in the middle of a communicable disease outbreak. Several of my friends and neighbors have been asking me about using cloth masks and about the best way to go to the grocery store, etc. I direct them here. Feel free to share with your family and community as well. We are all in this together!

This link has CDC recommendations for everything from grocery shopping, banking, and to going to the doctor.

This link from the CDC is all about cloth face masks… how to wear them, when to wear them, and how to clean them properly after you use them. There is even a few tutorials on how to make them.

Let's read a book! Resources to keep students reading (and listening to stories)

Ms. Woodson has been hard at work updating the Parr Library Its Learning Page. Continue to check there for new and updated resources! (You can access it via the Parr homepage)

Take a Break!

Makerspace Activities

If you go to the Parr Library ITS page, and click on the Makerspace activity area, you will have these additional at-home makerspace activities that are updated weekly.

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