Collaborative Inquiry in Ontario

Monika Bural, Academic Consultant, Literacy 7 - 12

Learning Goals

At the end of this session you will:

- become familiar with the organizing framework of collaborative inquiry processes

- understand the role of the principal in establishing conditions for co-learning


Padlet is a web-based tool for collaboration and creativity.

It can be used at the beginning of a lesson to activate PRIOR KNOWLEDGE. It can also be used during the ACTION portion of the lesson, and/or the CONSOLIDATION.

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Collaborative Inquiry in Ontario

"Collaborative Inquiry is an effective form of on-the-job professional development for teachers and can lead to the identification of school-wide professional development needs." CPRE 2010

I-C-Q Protocol for Discussion

Collaborative Inquiry

ASCD: What Research says about Collaborative Inquiry

"A growing body of evidence suggests that when teachers collaborate to pose and answer questions informed by data from their own students, their knowledge grows and their practice changes."

Collaborative Inquiry for Educators - Jenni Donohoo

A Facilitator's Guide to School Improvement

"Jenni Donohoo's immensely thoughtful and deeply practical discussion of collaborative inquiry helps teachers to live up to and also be enlivened by the high standards of evidence-informed judgment that define all true professions. Like the world-class facilitator she is, she moves her readers forward with ideas, activities and examples that do not talk down to them or go over their heads. Her book is essential for all leaders, teachers and staff developers, who want to help all their teachers become successful professionals, and who want to be treated like top-notch professionals themselves as they do so."

Andy Hargreaves, Thomas More Brennan Chair in Education

Boston College

Principals as Co-Learners: Supporting the Promise of Collaborative Inquiry

Edugains: Collaborative Inquiry Continuum


Is your school beginning, developing, integrating, or sustaining the various stages of collaborative inquiry?
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Edugains: Collaborative Inquiry Scenario

Select scenario A or B and identify the inquiry and areas of challenge. Consider the conditions that support inquiry and/or the collaborative inquiry process.


As a principal you will need to consider the following question:

How does experiencing learning through the eyes of classroom educators and students guide the kind of support you provide?


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Why Collaborative Inquiry?