pediatric nurse

about their education, duties, and what it takes to be one

Duties & Pay

Average amount of income a year for a RN is $68,910. They average about 31$ an hour.

Duties of a pediatric nurse are listed below

  • Conducting physicals
  • Child immunizations
  • Screening for disease
  • Diagnosing illnesses
  • Prescribing medications

They work with babies, young children, all the way up to 18 years old. They do check ups, determine the case of sickness, and help patients back to normal.

Pediatric nurses need qualities such as working with children, understanding tough situations for parents, and unique skills. These nurses have a specialty of comforting kids who are scared and making them feel better. They have to deal with many situations of scared babies, and crying children.
They work in a variety of settings as well. They can work in centers, hospitals, or any office care center.