Rudy Project


An academic goal that I want to achieve is going to college and or university and get a good career. An athletic goal is that I want to play volleyball in Duke University or in another college that has a good volleyball team. A personal goal that I want to achieve is to be a bit more socialized and be a bit neater.


A physical obstacle that I have is that I'm short and I don't know if I will be able to spike. A family obstacle is that we don't have a lot of money and my dad isn't working right now. My school obstacle is that I need to turn my assignments on time. Lastly, my financial obstacle is when I find a job I need to find one that pays good so Ican my my books abd school supplies because then I wouldn't be able to study.


My teachers/coaches that I acn count on is Mr.Samarin since he was our volleyball coach last year. Also, Ms.Aceves and Mrs. O'Day because it was a college program and we went to UCI last year. Relatives I can count on is my sister because she is in college and can help me and my parents to since they can support me.

Personal Action Plan

My attitude plan is to stay positive if I'm noy stressed because then I'll be frustrated. My educational plan is to write neater and turn my work on time. Also, a plan to acquire skills is that I need to learn how to spike in volleyball. Lastly, my plan to study and practice is that I need to take notes and study.