The triumphant animal


Gorillas are large mammals with arms longer than their legs. They are related to the Orangutans, Bonobos, and the Chimpanzee. They are one of the four great apes that are similar to the human being (according to anthropologists). Gorillas display human like emotions like happiness and sadness. There are four different species of the gorilla; the Cross River, Mountain, Western Lowland and the Eastern Lowland gorilla. In the rainforest the gorilla has many amazing features such as their ability to survive and their strength.


Gorillas are usually found in tropical rainforests, wet lowland forests, swamps, and abandoned fields or where there is a hot climate (for breeding). You will find the Gorillas living in both tropic and sub tropic areas.


Gorillas eat mainly leaves, fruit and bark. They usually only eat parts of vegetation. The western lowland gorilla consumes part of at least about 97 plants species. About 67% of their diet is fruit, 17% is leaves, seeds and stems and 2% is termites and caterpillars.


The size of a gorilla is :

Approximately about 181 kg for males

Approximately about 90 kg for females