Catawba River Basin

By: Brianna Berrier and Shelby Johnson


The Catawba River Basin begins on the eastern slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains in McDowell county which are the headwaters of the river. It flows wast then south into the Lake Wylie on the North and South Carolina. Wateree River is where the mouth of the basin is.

About the Catawba River Basin

The basins rivers and streams stretch out to be 9,389 miles. The population of the entire basin is 1,560,563 people. Two of the most popular places in the basin is the Lake Norman and Catawba College. Three other popular places to visit in this basin is Linville George, Wilson Creek, and the Grandfather Mountains.

Pollution in the Catawba River Basin

Non-point source pollution: The most common problem for non-point source pollution is sedimentation. Sediment carried by runoff from construction sites which causes the water to be polluted. Also another common problem is the runoffs from farms, the farms have manure that can mix in with water and runoff into the lake/river.We can prevent the water being polluted from farms by keeping stock out of waterway margins in wet areas such as drains.

Point source pollution: The most common problem for point source pollution is the sewage. The sewage reduces available oxygen in the water which causes danger in the wildlife in and around the water. Another common problem is coal ash. Coal ash gets in the water causing the water to be undrinkable and not safe for the animals. The legislation is currently removing the coal ash from 4/14 locations, creating the coal ash management commission.

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