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September Update!

Hello my name is Ryan Givey and I am your Technology Integration Specialist! I provide support to 26 High Schools in the School District of Philadelphia. I am sending you this Tech Integration Ideas Update to provide you with asynchronous ideas for integration. I will be coming out to visit your school in the next month. Hopefully this will get your creative juices flowing. Stay tuned for more updates, and feel free to contact me at

Classroom Communication

Good communication with students and parents can make a teacher's job a lot easier. Look at some of the sites below to open up your lines of communication!

Classroom Managment Tools

Classroom management tools can help a teacher better manage student behavior within their classroom. Below are some tools and what they do!

Promethean and Smart Board Videos

Click this link to see videos we have created for Smart and Promethean Boards.
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Ryan Givey and Brandon Lutz