Internet safety.

How to stay safe online

On-line safety

Introduction to Internet safety/email

Many people use the internet everyday, this is a virtual guide to staying safe on the internet. You shouldn't hand out your email address to strangers you have just met. If you give your email address to someone you have just met on-line you could be putting yourself in real danger! Never give your email address to people you don't know. By using just your Email address the Pervert can access your account and see pictures of you.

The school you attend.

You should never give your school name out. When you give out your school name the other person on the other side of the screen could be at least twice your age. This person could then come to your school and ask people outside the gate if they have seen you and where you have gone.

Photos of yourself.

Alot of you are possible using Snapchat or Instagram. This can also be a danger even though your email and phone number are not visible. Don't respond to comments like "can I see you naked?". If you then reply to this comment and say yes/no, this 'person' could then bribe/persuade you to do this, or if you do do it they are likely to screenshot this and share it to all his/her friends.

Can I have your phone number?

Most people you talk to on the internet are going to try to chat you up. Saying NO to giving your phone number is ok. Over texting you could plan to meet up with you and hurt you or even rape you. Its easy to think there are nice boys/girls that aren't going to hurt you and you think you can trust them. When you say NO to the Paedophile and they then try to persuade you to do it, DON'T. You have the right to say no to someone no matter if you think you can trust them or not.


You should always be aware of a paedophile on-line if they ask you about anything of the above on-line, unless you know them in person and they are your friend in school, or a close friend. To spot a paedophile they will ask you, you take a picture of you naked or where you live, phone number, email address, if you have Facebook or (instagram, pinterest, twitter etc.) Just because you think you can trust them just don't give it to them unless you know them in person.

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is quiet common these days. To stay out of bulling, don't listen to nasty comments to you or on one of your photos. Its ok to report them to the webpage you are using. Don't get involved in someone else business, so if you are on instagram and someone you don't know is bullying someone else don't get involved. If someone says on your photo "your ugly" then delete and block them, it sounds exaggerating but its really not. If you have someone's number you don't know and you get mean text messages then delete their number and change your number as well, if they any contact with them then you can change everything you have so you can block them on snapchat, instagram, and twitter. But email address you can change them so they can't get into any contact with you.


Everybody has the right to their own privacy from everyone, even if it is from you own parents. But the difference between someone behind a screen, and your parents/friend is that a parent/friend is their to help you and you can trust them, but a person behind a screen could be anyone, from around 5-100. Just because you've never met them doesn't mean that they wont share that info with anyone else. You are aloud to say no and mean it not just for the fun of it.

Thanks for reading, and remember to stay safe on-line :)

By Georgia