Saving Music and Arts Education

By Emily Clisbee

Why is it important?

Having music/arts education is very important to have in all schools. It is very encouraged because these subjects can help students express themselves and they can enhance skills in other areas of school. Kids and teens are affected greatly by getting rid of music/arts education. They lose important skills they could learn with these subjects. On the website, ‘Do Something’, it states, “Music programs are constantly in danger of being cut from shrinking school budgets even though they are proven to improve academics.” Getting rid of music/arts education programs now can affect future generations in their schooling. And not in a good way. We need to save music/arts education so that kids and teens now and in the future have the important skills they need to live good lives. On the website ‘’ it explains how music and art learning supports all learning. This proves that we need to work to save music and art education in schools.

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Plan for action

Positive Reinforcement: Explain to people the benefits of saving music and arts education in schools. Tell them that it benefits kids and teens in other subjects, it helps them express themselves, and they can make friends with the same interests as them in music and art clubs.

Negative Reinforcement: Explain to people how colorless and boring the world will be in the future if we get rid of the education now. Also tell them that kids, teens, and many others will lose their creativity, imagination, and important life skills if there is no music and arts education.