Myth Busting Media Claims

Jaimee Nguyen

What The Media Tells You

Myth #1: Supplments can improve your health and strength if you don't train or diet.

This advertisement claims that it can help you loose weight and become stronger without needing to diet or go to the gym. However, this is false. Depending on the person, dieting may be necessary in order to maintain or achieve a healthy weight and lifestyle. If you don't train, then the supplement cannot be effective. In order to be strong and maintain muscle mass, you need to consistently go to the gym and continue to train.

False Facts Should Not Be Advertised!

False facts are misleading and can cause thousands to waste their money on supplements that will not help them. False advertisements can also have a detrimental effect on the younger population. Young people are more susceptible to falling into the trap of these false advertisements. Rather than falsely advertising poor products, more effort should be put into educating the younger generations into leading healthy lifestyles.

Don't Believe Everything You Hear!

Myth #2: If you're not working up a sweat, then you're not working hard enough.

Sweating does not always correlate with exertion. There is a condition called hyperhidrosis that some suffer. Hyperhidrosis is a condition where you excessively sweat. Therefore, it can merely be a little hot outside, and you can be sweating excessively. Also, it also it isn't healthy or safe to constantly overwork your body with vigorous exercises. Taking walks or jogging is a great exercise to help burn fat without having to exert too much work.