The Valley Review

September 27, 1922 $0.01

The Marvelous Man is Murdered!

This past Saturday, "The Great Gatsby", was tragically shot in the back while he was getting out of his swimming pool in West Egg. The mischievous killer was non other then George Wilson, which resided here in the Valley of Ashes. After killing Jay he then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. It has surfaced that George committed this crime because Gatsby was accused of having an affair and killing his wife Myrtle Wilson. Which she was shockingly killed in a hit and run the night before this horrible murder/suicide occurred. Medical examiners did confirm that Myrtle was killed by a hit-and-run and that Wilson had shot Gatsby in the back and then turned the gun on himself. There is no further information on this terrible incident.

Making Petitions To End Prohibition

This is the new hot topic all around the country. Women are tired of men wasting their life away by drinking liquor and gambling. I think that women have the right to stand up and attempt at ending prohibition, because men are just sorry and don't do anything legal. Men are just focused on making, consuming and selling that illegal substance that is just demolishing existence. Women nationwide have been petitioning and trying to put a stop to this terrible mess called alcoholic beverages. They have been working hard at for a while now and are trying to get people on their side. Contact Frances Willard, @ 1-800-255-1735, she can get you information in joining the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) to end prohibition.

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Meyer Wolfshiem Put In Hand Cuffs!

The same night as the horrendous murder-suicide of Jay Gatsby and George Wilson, another interesting character was arrested, Mr. Meyer Wolfshiem. He was arrested for multiple illegal reasons, he had been doing some dirty deeds. It is believed that Gatsby was apart of one of his crimes, they had been partners in running a illegal speakeasy and bootlegging illegal liquor. Other chargers that he is accused of is "fixing" the 1919 Major League Baseball World Series. It was the final game, the Cincinnati Reds playing the Chicago White Sox's, but before the big game no one knew that eight of the Chicago players had been gambling with Mr. Wolfshiem. He actually payed them eight players to lose the world series. So I defiantly believe that he will be put away in jail for a very long time.