Mann Science

For the week of February 10 - 14, 2014

Note from Mrs. Mann

Last week I challenged my classes to work within small groups to create a food chain, then work as an entire class to combine the chains into one food web.

Each class competed against the other five classes.

Other criteria for the challenge were:

1. They would complete all work in one class period

2. Each class would be given a specific biome

I will be honest, I was not sure what to expect...I knew it could be done, but would my 7th grade students rise to the challenge.....take a look below!

Big image

Upcoming Events


Monday - Planner check, reteach for specific students, Finding Nemo Activity for rest

Tuesday & Wednesday - Third Major Grade Project - Squirrel Island

Thursday - STAT (Stand Tall Against Tobacco)

group will present to all 7th grade Science classes

Friday - Complete Squirrel Island Project, Gallery Walk next week

**I will also grade the Interactive Notebook this week (last major grade)


February 17 - AMCMS Professional Development Day/Student Holiday

February 21 - Last day of the 4th six weeks

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