Science Chat 2016

January Edition

Welcome to 2016

I hope that you had wonderful rest over the holidays. I am excited for the 2nd part of the school year to begin. I know that you will continue to do great things in our schools.

January 2016 Schedule

January 4th K-12 Mtg 3:00 pm

January 5th Parkwood Starlab and Astronomy Night

January 6th Little River Starlab

January 7th Creekside Starlab and NASA Live SKYPE

January 8th IF Meeting

January 11th K-5 Mtg. 3:00 pm

January 12th Mangum Science Fair All Day

January 13th Creekside CFIB

January 14th Burton Starlab

January 15th Southwest PD K-1 and 2-3

January 18th-19th OFF

January 20th CC Spaulding Starlab

January 21st K-4 Science PD/Southwest Science Night

January 22nd Easley Science all day

January 25th Watts Starlab and Science Night

January 26th Fayetteville Street Starlab

January 27th EK Powe Starlab and Early Release PD

January 28th Spring Valley Starlab

January 29th Southwest PD all day