Rachel Chadez

Tokyo, Japan

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The First step, flying to Tokyo.

Going to tokyo is a long, but well worth it flight. Anikka and I are going to go on a two stop flight it stops first in San Francisco, the flight their is a two hour and thirty five minute flight. We also leave at 6:00 am! When we get to San Francisco there is a five hour layover, which I can take advantage of by taking the train to the tranforan mall. We have to be back at the airport by 12:20pm to catch the next flight to Seoul. This trip will take 12 hours to get their so I'm going to sleep on the plane. We'll arive at Seoul at around 5:30pm. I then will have a 1 hour layover which I'll use by walking around the airport. Then I'm going to get on my last flight which is at 6:50pm, then 1 hour and 25 minutes later I'll arive in tokyo! (The airline That I will be flying is called Asiana Airlines)

Hotel in Tokyo

Anikka and I are going to say in she Shinjuku Granbell Hotel. We're going to stay here for 11 nights. (June 12/ June 23) I have found a travel package that includes the hotel and the fights to Tokyo and back. The price will be $5,518.63 in total. Our hotel room will also be a standard double room.


One day I can visit Japan's iconic Mount Fuji on Tokyo's most popular day tour, then return to Tokyo by the famous Shinkansen Bullet train. I'll also enjoy lunch on Mt Fuji, cruise Lake Ashi and ride the aerial cableway at Mount Komagatake for amazing views of the Hakone National Park. This is about $138.28 to do.

Also, one day I can check out Meiji shrine, it's dedicated to the late 19th-century emperor who opened Japan to the West, Tokyo's most famous Shinto shrine is wonderfully serene and austere, not colorful or flashy like other Asian places of worship, and is less of a tourist trap. Meiji-jingu is open sunrise to sunset. Admission is free.

I must also check out, shinjuku gyoen national garden. Yoyogi Park is the most entertaining green space in Tokyo, the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is also one of the most beautiful in my opinion. The admission is about $3.

I could also do some other things that consist of, going to the Shibuya crossing, and go to a bunch of different stores (mandarake, kiddyland, Roppongi Hills, and also I need to go through Shibuya station. It's known for it's youth fashion.) (I'll set about $3,000 aside to shop. I love to shop!)

Problem/ Solution

Problem: How do I switch my american money to Yen?

Solution:Find somewhere in the Tokyo airort to switch my dollars to Yen.

Problem: Learning how to speak their language

Solution: Getting a language learning software.


My trip was very fun and educational. I ate aunthentic sushi and went to temples, and I shopped probably more than I should've. The trip their and back was very long and boring but to be their made it well worth it. I wish I could've stayed their longer but who knows maybe I'll go back someday. Everyone is so much nicer over their.

About the Traveler

HI, I'm Rachel and I love to travel. I've gone to almost all of the United States, and most of Canada. When I'm older I hope I can go to the all of the U.K and Brazil. I love learning about other countries cultures, because it facinates me how much they're different from us.

History and Culture

Japanese history begins in around A.D. 400, when the Yamato clan, managed to gain control of other familys in central and western Japan. Contact with Korea brought the religion of Buddhism to Japan at about the same time. Through the 700s Japan was influenced greatly by China, so the Yamato clan set up a court similar to the one in China. In the ensuing centuries, the authority of the imperial court was undermined as powerful families wanted the control.

At about the same time, warrior clans were rising as a distinct class known as the samurai. In the year 1192, the Minamoto clan set up a military government under their leader, Yoritomo. He was a military dictator. For the next 700 years, shoguns from a succession of clans ruled in Japan.

First contact with the West came in about 1542, when a Portuguese ship that was off course arrived in Japanese waters. Suspicious of Christianity the Portuguese supported of a Japanese revolt, the shoguns of the Tokugawa period (1603–1867) prohibited all trade with foreign countries. Only a Dutch trading post at Nagasaki was permitted. Western attempts to start trading again failed until 1853.

In 1868, the emperor Meiji came to the throne, and the shogun system was abolished.

Getting Back home.

I am going to fly the same airline on the way back (Asaina Airlines.) This is also a two stop flight. We go to Seoul, then Las Angeles, and then we're back home. From Tokyo to Seoul it's a 2 hour and 30 minute flight. Then from Seoul to Los Angeles it's a 11 hour flight. Again, I will sleep on the plane. When we get their it's a 8 hour layover, so I'll take a taxi to Manhatten beach and spend a few hours their. But I can't spend 8 hours their so then I'll go go to Galeria mall and spend my last few hours their. When I get back to the airport I have 2 hours on a plane till I get home.