39 clues book 3 Peter Langis

Luke Jenkins Hinkle 2


Dan- Dan is 12 years old. He and his sister work together to find the clues for the game. Dan thinks that when you win the game you get money and a family. He has been very scared of what may happen to them. Dan is a protagonist because he is a Cahill and he wants to get a family back without hurting people.

Amy-Amy is 14 years old. Amy is the smart one she helps make plans and find clues. Amy can hack into any security system and find data she can also print fake license and get any where around the world. Amy is a protagonists because she wants help find the clues so people will stop murdering family's.

Uncle Alistair-he is Amy and Dan's uncle who betrayed them in the first 2 books but uncle Alistair wanted to help the kids when he helped the kids he got trapped inside a cave and the vespers kidnapped him. Uncle Alistair is a protagonist because he cares about the kids.


There are 4 branches of the main family. When the grandmother died she said that there would be a game called the 39 clues. The grandmothers mansion was set on fire and burned to the ground. After the fire 2 hostages were murdered and everyone realized they have to be cautious and trust no one.


Amy-Amy can hack into security systems and print out files or license to travel. The Cahill's went to uncle Alistair's mansion they were able to hack anywhere from his house.

conflict and plot

the Cahill's were in the secret cave when it suddenly collapsed and Alistair helped get the kids out but did not get him out, the vespers got him. This book is a man/man book because there are other people who want to win.


There was a Japanese sword that symbolized iron and steal made in japan. It meant the clue was in Japan.

my comments to other readers who should get this book

I liked this book because it was adventurous and it was a series. It has murders gold fighting and hacking. This book has kids that want to find the clues and it is a good A.R. point book for A.R readers. It is a good book because it is not high definition words you don't know. This book is fun to read because it makes you want to read the whole book with out stopping. This book makes you picture in your mind what is happening and makes you feel like your there.