Gay Rights

Presented by: Holly Hoffman

Events in history

People supporting gay rights want for the lgbt community to be equal and not discriminated against. Here are some main events that happened in the history of the gay rights movement.

  • 1924, Henry Gerber began the gay and lesbian society for human rights, He was fired from his job and jailed after creating it
  • 6/28/1969 There was a riot at stonewall
  • 1973 homosexuality was no longer considered a mental illness
  • 1986, schools were allowed to discriminate against lgbt students
  • 2003 schools were no longer allowed to discriminate
  • 2013 gay marriage was finally legalized

Stonewall Riots

The stonewall riot took place the night of June 28, 1969. Police often would invade gay bars not even provoked and they would begin physically harming the humans in the bar. But on that night the usually passive victims fought back. The riots lasted for three days. They shouted "gay power!" as they fought.
Stonewall Riots

Pride parades

Though equality in marriage has been legalized the lgbt community is still discriminated against. Kids are still kicked out of their homes, some businesses don't allow lgbt people in their stores, and there are many hate crimes that take place. The lgbt community responds my educating people peacefully and throwing pride parades

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The government has invaded people of the lgbt community's personal lives.

  • A while ago if you were gay you weren't allowed to drink alcohol
  • you weren't allowed to get married (allowed now)
  • you weren't allowed to show PDA (allowed now)
  • Now North Carolina recently made it illegal for trans people to go into the bathroom of their current gender they must enter the bathroom of their original gender
  • people have argued against this and made comics such as this

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Daniel Ashley Peirce

I cannot show you this video because of the violence and language included in it. But I can summarize it.

A boy named Daniel Ashley Peirce was abused emotionally and physically after coming out to his family.

He was then violently beaten and kicked out of his home never allowed to comeback.

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People who have died

Due to the discrimination many people in the lgbt community have died. These deaths have caused grief but also determination to fight for their rights

  1. Leelah Alcorn
  2. Harvey Milk
  3. Matthew Shepard
  4. Brandon Teena
  5. Adam Kizer
  6. Keisha Jenkins