Eleanor Roosevlt

By:Reese Helman

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was married to Franklin Delano Roosevelt her fifth cousin.

After her husband became crippled she became the eyes and ears and informing what Americans think and feel.
She worked in many places. She worked with the American red cross during world war 1. She even had her own newspaper column called “My Day”

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Problems that she faced

Eleanor Roosevelt wanted to help people. To give humans rights.

Eleanor Roosevelt want to give women as much rights as men
Eleanor Roosevelt wanted all people to be equals and not one having more rights than, the others.

Over coming the problem that Eleanor faced

Eleanor started to work with other officials to help the problem that she had. By help making a document about humans rights. So, Eleanor had say in it. We as people could not discrimination against people. She also said that everyone should be treated equally.

The problem still exist today

The problem can still exist today because some men think women only can do a certain amount of things only in the kitchen when really they are capable of much more. And people are treated unfairly in some parts of the U.S.. Even if people still do this it is still a big that happens all round the world.

A solution to today's problem

We could treat others the way some socially acceptable people are treated. Pay women more money for working. Have a better attitude to those who need it and more rights. Give women as much rights as men. Make them equal. Don’t expect women to do housework. some men think that women cannot work as good as they do in the work room/office. so, think as women as equals to men. You don’t have to pay money more to make them work it will make them feel like they don’t belong there.


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