Causes of the American revolution


Navigation acts-1651

The navigation acts were laws set by Great Britain, and allowed the English Colonies in the Americas to only trade their goods with the British. This law was made because Great Britain wanted as much resources as possible. The English Colonies were not allowed to trade with the native Americans, French, or Dutch. Only British ships were allowed to be used in trade. Irritated, the Colonists had no choice but to obey.
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American revolution-1765-1783

The American revolution was the rebel of the English colonies so they could create a country of true freedom. The war lasted thirteen years and the colonists were lead by general George Washington. The colonists were very frustrated with the taxes and laws set by the British. Several events led up to the American revolution.
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Quartering act-1765

The British began to realize the rebellious thoughts of the colonists. king George the third decided to send more British soldiers to the colonies to enforce the laws. In attempt of saving money, king George created a law that all soldiers could come into the colonists' homes and make them their own living quarters. The colonists were required to provide food, blankets, clothing, and other goods desired by the soldiers.
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Stamp act-1765

The British needed more money for the war debts. As a result, once again, they taxed the colonists. All papers given to the colonies now had a special stamp on them, that were to be payed for. Furious, the colonists began protesting and brutally murdering the tax collectors. The stamp act was later withdrawn due to the anger and protests of the colonists.
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Boston tea party-1773

Tea, something that all English people love, began to be taxed. The colonists began to protest and the colonists were outraged at this point. They began a protest where they threw crates of British tea into the ocean. later, the British closed the Boston harbor in attempt to stop the protests.
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townshend acts-1767

Eventually, the British began taxing all building materials for houses. Wood, glass, oil, paint, and other materials for house building. The daughters of liberty stepped in to have this removed.

boston massacre-1770

The British soldiers were being insulted and assaulted by the colonists. a group of British soldiers had enough and started shooting the insulting crowd. only five people died. the soldiers went on trial.
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intollerable acts

the intolerable acts were laws created to punish Boston for the Boston tea party. The British lost a large amount of tea because of that. Although the colonists' protests were bad, the laws were unfair and cruel.

revolutionary war-1775-1783

the revolutionary war began because the colonists wanted true freedom. Eventually the French became allies with the colonies. the colonies formed one large army and was led by George Washington. with great losses on both sides, the British eventually surrendered.

the colonies created a country that is now called the United states of America.