How do they celebrate the holidays? One italian tradition is called feast of the seven fishes.

What do they wear when they celebrate? Their Sunday best.

What do they eat at the celebration? A lot of fish!

What games do they play? They play bocce and soccer.

What do they do during the celebration? They invite friends and family to eat.


What type of paintings can you see? Frescos where painted on wet plaster walls.

What do they sing? Opera is very popular.

Who is a famous musician? Andrea Bocelli is known all over Italy.

What dances do they know? The Tarantella is a well known dance.

Who was a famous artist? Michelangelo and Leonardo Di Vinci where well known.

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What language do they speak? Italiano

How many languages do they have? One main language.

What kind of language is Italian? Romance language

Do they speak english? Yes, some Italians do.

What is the main language? Tuscan italian.


What kind of food? Pizza, spaghetti, tomatoes sauce and cheese.

What do they eat? Mostly pizza and pasta.

How do they cook? They use open fire grills and wood burning ovens.

What is in the food? Fresh herbs and vegetables.

What are their famous dishes? Lasagna, pasta, pizza and tiramisu.

Famous people

What famous people? Luciano Pavarotti, Donatello, Christopher Columbus

How did they become famous? Through the arts and exploring.

When were they born? Pavarotti,1935; Donatello 1392; Columbus, 1451.

Where were they born? Pavarotti, Modena; Donatello, Florence; Columbus, Genoa.

What were they famous for? Pavarotti was a opera singer, Donatello was a sculptor and Columbus was an explorer.

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What do they believe in? GOD.

Do they have religions? Yes.

What is the main religion? Catholic.

What are their rules of religion? The law has Freedom of religion

What other religions do they have? The second largest religion is Jehovah Witness

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What's the weather like in the summer? Its very sunny and warm.

How much does it rain? It rains the most in November

Does it snow in Italy? Yes in the north part

What's it like in the winter? Pretty mild

Does Italy get bad storms? Yes, tornados