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{The Pre-K 2 Class Newsletter}

Project: Bugs on Our Playground

Weeks Four through Seven--Phase Two

Around the Classroom

Mama Praying Mantis

On her way back from lunch Jamilee saw a praying mantis sitting on top of the bushes and captured it. After a little help from Google she discovered that it might be about to lay its eggs and asked Cathy if she could keep it in the classroom. To care for the soon-to-be mom we fed it crickets and made sure she had enough water to drink. A week later, low and behold, there on the lid of the container was an egg case! So, after breakfast we trekked out to the butterfly garden and released our mama and placed the egg case in a butterfly pavillion in the hopes that come next spring we will have a new batch of baby praying mantises. For those that are newer to the classroom, earlier in the spring we received a praying mantis egg case through the mail and released the babies on the playground. It is very likely that the praying mantis we took in was one of our babies all grown up!

Releasing the Praying Mantis

Releasing Our Praying Mantis

Guest Experts Come to Visit

Berth, a Madagascar hissing cockroach, lives in the biology department at the university.

What did we learn from our guest insect experts?

  1. A praying mantis has wings.
  2. Madagascar hissing cockroaches hiss when they are mad.
  3. Bugs are nymphs before they are adults.
  4. Insects have 6 legs.
  5. Spiders are NOT insects.
  6. Putting Vaseline on top of the Madagascar hissing cockroach cage will keep it from climbing out.
  7. Madagascar hissing cockroaches will eat just about anything; bananas, peanut butter, even cardboard!
  8. If you lift up the school you will find billions of bugs!
  9. Madagascar hissing cockroaches hide thier eggs inside their body until they hatch.

Evan & Colin Save the Baby Ants From an Anteater!
Colin & His Dad Playing Baseball