December 2016 Newsletter

Classroom Connection!

Dates to Remember

Dec. 8th: Holiday Shop and Book Fair from 6pm-8pm.

Dec. 23rd- Our classroom Holiday Party! Thank you in advance to the families who are volunteering to set up our party and make our party special for the students! Parents are welcome to come to the party and join in on the holiday festivities. :) This day is a half-day.

Dec. 26th- Jan. 2nd: NO SCHOOL. I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)

Book-It! Reading Challenge

Today, your child will be coming home with a Book It! reading calendar for the month of December. If your child read for at least 10 minutes daily for the month of November, be sure to have your child return his or her November calendar to receive a free pizza coupon from Pizza Hut! The Book It! calendar for this month will be due by the end of the month when December is complete. Happy reading!! :)

Scholastic Books- GREAT Gift Idea! :)

Our Scholastic catalog for December has been sent home. Scholastic books are GREAT gift ideas for your child or other young family members. :) When you purchase books through Scholastic using our class access code (NCHXF), our class earns points towards books for our classroom library! If you decide to order books for your child as a gift, you can let me know and I will make sure that the books are covered and not seen by your child when sent home so that the surprise is not spoiled! Also, I can gladly give you some book genres, book titles, or book authors that your child specifically enjoys in our classroom if you were not sure of which books to get for your child. Happy shopping! :)

What are We Learning this Month in Reading?

In reading, we will continue reading nonfiction text. We will be identifying the main idea and key details of nonfiction text and ask questions about the text before, during, and after we read. We will also continue identifying nonfiction text features and how we can use text features to help us read nonfiction text. Students will be practicing these skills during Shared Reading as a whole group and during small group instruction with me during Guided Reading. We will then transition back to reading fiction text. When reading fiction text, we will focus on making predictions, retelling all important events and details in a story, and making thoughtful connections as we read.

In our phonics instruction, we will be learning how to read and spell words with ending blend sounds, such as stamp, long, strand, etc. We will be using manipulatives to build words with ending blends and practicing to spell them as well in our writing. We will then begin learning how to create words with initial digraph sound, such as shop, chop, then, etc.

What are We Learning this Month in Math?

In math this month, we will be learning about place value. We will be learning how to write 2-digit numbers in expanded form, such as expanding the number 82 to show 80+2. We will learn how the value of a digit changes based upon where the digit is placed in a number. We will also be solving addition and subtraction story problems that involve numbers greater than ten and that have totals greater than 10. We will be learning these concepts through technology, hands-on activities, group activities, and small group instruction.

What are We Learning this Month in Writing?

This month in writing, we will begin learning about what it looks like and sounds like to write an Informational/How-To piece of writing. We will be learning about this mode of writing by reading fiction and nonfiction texts that are written as a How-To mode of writing. Students will be hearing what this mode of writing looks like and sounds like when it is written. Students will then begin creating a How-To piece of writing of their own. We will be writing about how to cook a turkey, how to decorate a Christmas tree, how to build a snowman, how to make hot chocolate, and more!

We've Got Mail!! :)

We are pen pals with Miss Loffredo's first grade students at Monroe Elementary School! Each student will be given the name of one of the students from Miss Loffredo's class. We will be writing friendly letters back and forth to each other each week. We will be learning the parts of a friendly letter and what types of telling and asking sentences we should write to learn more about our pen pal and for our pen pal to learn more about us!

I wanted to create a writing experience that would be authentic and exciting for the students. What better way than for them to be able to receive a handwritten letter each week from another first grader! :)

Please ask your child about what they have been learning about their pen pal through their friendly letters. :)

What are We Learning this Month in Science?

This month in science, we are continuing to learn about Pebbles, Sand, and Silt. We will be engaging in science investigations to learn about earth materials that are smaller than sand, such as silt and clay. We will be learning these concepts through small group activities and science experiments.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our first grade friends! I hope you enjoy your special day! :)

Hannah- 18th