Elevator Talk

Key points About Technology in District One

What is the roll out plan for going 1:1 in District One?

We are currently evaluating different devices, considering budgetary impact, and looking at successful models across the county.

Is District One choosing to go with Chromebooks?

After visiting several districts to assist with compiling the pros and cons of various devices and piloting Chromebooks in our 3 middle schools, the Chromebook is proving to be a device that would help us integrate technology into the classrooms in District One.

What are Chromebooks capable of doing?

  • increase collaboration possibilities for teachers

  • provide time-saving technology tools for teachers

  • begin the exploration of the instructional applications of Google Apps for Education

  • provide teachers with relevant background knowledge in a platform (i.e. google drive, google classroom, etc) as we prepare for the possibility of a student 1:1

  • provide a tool to conveniently travel from school to home

How will teachers be trained in integrating technology in their classrooms?

Various professional development activities will be available for all teachers. A weekly technology tool will be highlighted and access provided through collaborative means. Workshops and staff development will be held on site at each school to focus on

integrating technological resources.

Is wifi necessary in every student’s home? How will students without wifi access at home be affected?

Some devices (i.e. Chromebooks) work offline and allow students to complete assignments without wifi access. Once wifi access is regained, Chromebooks sync and students’ work is updated to reflect what they did without having wifi.