Aliza Bernal's Digital Journal

February 15, 2016

Write about the fight scene.

The whole fight started when Curley rushed in asking where his wife was. It should be noted that he does this quite often because his wife has wandering eyes for everyone she comes across and that makes him insecure. Slim was agitated and lets Curley know that. A few exchanges occur between the two and Carlson includes that she should stay home where she belongs because then Curley's going to have another problem on his hands. This probably means a pregnancy. Curley retorts that he should keep out if he doesnt want it to end in a fight. Carlson remains unbothered because Curley isnt as good a fighter as he in and Carlson knows he can beat him up. Candy is happy to join in and mentions his glove filled with vaseline. Note that Curley's anger is building up, but he won't take it out on the men who have spoken earlier because they're stronger than him. His eyes wander to Lennie who he sees smiling. Although, Lennie is smiling at their previous conversation, having land, farming, and finally living a good life, Curley interprets his smile as Lennie taunting him. Curley then starts attacking Lennie. Lennie isn't a fighter and so he's asking George to make Curley stop. George tells him to not let him hurt him and for him to fight back, all the while he's cornered and receiving punches. Slim tries to intervene, but George stops him and tells George to ' get 'im", Lennie stops covering his face, giving Curley a chance to slash at his eyes. George tells him to hit him. During the next minute, Curley is laying on the floor and his hand is lost in Lennie's fist. He's shocked and can't listen when George is telling him to let him go and so George resorts to slapping him. Curley is pale and crying laying on the floor and after a while Lennie lets go of his hand. Turns out, Lennie's strength broke every bone in Curley's hand.