Mystery Trunk Show for Charity

Because Every Mother Counts

What is a Mystery Trunk Show?

A Mystery Trunk Show is where the hostess is unknown and a lucky winner gets to spend the Hostess Credits!

Why a Mystery Trunk Show?

I learned about Every Woman Counts last week at my Stella & Dot Hoopla Conference. It is an organization dedicated to helping women have healthy and safe pregnancies and births.

Did you know one woman dies EVERY SIX MINUTES from childbirth? Did you know 98% of these complications are preventable?

Stella & Dot wants to help the problem and designed the Enlighten Bracelet to raise support for Every Woman Counts.

1 bracelet - provides a woman transport to and from necessary health care.

5 bracelets - pays for a fetal Doppler to ensure safe pregnancy and delivery.

10 bracelets - educates a low-income woman on breastfeeding, nutrition and newborn care.

20 bracelets - buys essential medical equipment for midwifery students, pays for two prenatal visits for uninsured women, buys six birth kits for mothers-to-be.

50 bracelets - covers the necessary books, school supplies and teaching aids for midwifery students.

100 bracelets - trains a skilled birth attendant through a one-year program.

200 bracelets - buys a 'solar suitcase' that will deliver otherwise unavailable electricity for lights and equipment in rural health facilities.

This cause really struck a cord with me last week and I set a goal to sell 50 bracelets so one woman can get the necessary books, school supplies, and teaching aids for the midwifery students.

Please help me in making a difference and making pregnancy a joyful occasion! Everyone who places an order for an Enlighten Bracelet will be entered into a drawing to win the Mystery Trunk Show Hostess Credits. The average Trunk Show accrues $250 worth of hostess credits- what a deal!!

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