by: Charles Acey


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Before the war.

Before the Vietnam war, everyone all over the world was just trying to make a living and keep their family's fed and alive. Really nobody had an idea of the struggle leading up to the Vietnam war and what caused it. when civilians started getting drafted to go to the war many thought it was stupid and we were fighting a war for no reason.

During the war

During the war, air forces dropped 8 million tons of bombs in Vietnam. there was a lot of job opportunities since the U.S. just jumped into the war. people rushed to get jobs to make supplies and weapons for the war. people were upset by having to go into the war because there was really nothing to gain by winning it either way.

After the war

After the war, Americans tallied up the deaths. they were numerous. more than 58,000 were killed and a lot more wounded, in total the war weakened Americas belief and strength on their government.