March is Maker Month

Imagination, persistence, failure, collaboration

Cutchogue Creation Station

The business of books and reading is still at the top of our list of "must haves" for the library, but for one month, we will explore the Maker Movement. This is a result of observing such spaces in other schools and libraries, noticing that a deficit in find motor skills and auditory processing, determining what makes a "maker space" different from a craft and tying learning standards and learning needs together during the time of year when test prep begins in earnest for many grade levels. Maker spaces are not designed by any module writer for EngageNY. They are designed by a facilitator and offer exploration with the sole assessment being a self-assessment - the maker (could be an adult or a child) can say "I learned....................."

Library times remain the same.

Faculty can sign up for open time slots.

Low tech and Hi Tech opportunities

Questions will arise possibly more than there will be answers for, but that is the whole idea. We should cultivate curiosity - both our own, and that of our students. There is no penalty for answering a question "I don't know." But the word "yet" should be added to that question!