By: Halley Krocker

Comet's Features

Comet's release gases or dust. They are made are dirty snow, icy, and mud. That gives them the nickname 'Dirty Snowballs' or 'Icy Mudballs'. The particles in a comets form a comet's tail. Coma's on a comets are layers of gas and dust. Comet's have 2 things called a tail(Coma). The first one is formed by, Dust. Ion's is the second tail, they are necleus as gaseous particals.

What are Comet's?

Comet's are large particles of dust and other pollution flying around in the sky. People try to measure how fast a comet goes. They estimate that they go 20,000 miles per hour. Comet's are very hard to find. They are always around, but you can't always see the, because they are so light to see.

Halley's Comet

Halley's Comet is the most famous comet known to man kind. Halley's Comet is very visible, except when it is by the sun. Halley's Comet becomes visible about ever 76 years. Astronomers first started seeing Halley's Comet 240 B.C.

Other facts about Comets

  • In the year, 1995, 878 comets were recorded.
  • Gases that are released make them glow.
  • Some scientist believe that Comets form carbon - based molecules
  • Comets are just left over debris.
  • Comet's with larger orbit last longer.
  • Comet's have been studied since the 3rd century.
  • Dust tails get up to 10 million Km long.
  • Mostly visible by sun set, or sun rise.
  • Meteor Shower happen when Earth passes through an orbit of an Comet.

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Picture Sources

FIRE IN THE SKY: The Sunset Comet - Comet Pan-STARRS Shines In The Evening Sky!

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