Economic Goals and Values

Australia vs. Afghanistan

1.) Economic freedom may interfere with economic equity. in order to have economic freedom people will be making multiple decisions that will have different outcomes than others. This will result in people having a lot more or a lot little than other people and this conflicts with economic equity because then there will not be an even distribution of wealth.

2A.) More developed country: Australia Less developed country: Afghanistan

2B.) Australia has an emphasis on health as their expected life span is 82 years, the same can't be said about Afghanistan because their expected life span is 60 years. Education is valued in Australia because the expected years of schooling is 20 while Afghanistan has a lacking 9 years of expected schooling. Afghanistan does not have a very secure country compared to Australia, the homicide rate in Australia per 100,000 people is 1.1, while in Afghanistan it is 6.5. Afghanistan comes out on top for trade and financial flows, this category brings in 55.4 % of the GDP in Afghanistan, only 41% in Australia