Sodium Hypochlorite

Carlee McCallister's chemical

Chemical/ common name

~It's chemical name is Sodium Hypochlorite.

~It's also known as bleach.

~The chemical formula is NaClO

3 uses of the chemical

~Odor removal


~Water purification

3 physical/chemical properties of Sodium Hypochlorite

~Caustic (able to burn or corrode organic tissue by chemical action.)

~Greenish-yellow color

~Disolves in water

3 facts

~When you mix Soidum hypochlorite with Ammonia, it makes harmful gasses that will make breathing difficult.

~Depending on the strength of the Sodium Hypochlorite it can give you mild burns.

~If you get Sodium Hypochlorite in your eyes flush them immediantly and get medical help.

Sodium Hypochlorite in Delhi

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