American Culture

Madison Fowler

Equal opporunity

The 1950's consisted of T.V.s, rock and roll, diners, and the civil rights movement. African Americans struggled to be equal in American in this time period, and still struggle and fight to this day to retain equality.
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Women's Liberation Movment

in 1965, a big movement was towards the equal treatment of women. Women wanted to break free of the preconceived ideas that came with their gender, such as staying at home and raising the children. Sexism was too be ended. women fought hard to become equal, petitioning, having rally's, and boycotting certain events. One thing women fought for in the 1960's was to have equal wages as men and not to be discriminated in the work place. In 1963 all of the groups hard work had payed off and the Equal rights act was passed for women in the work force, but of course this wasn't enough. Women kept fighting for there equality. In 1972 the Equal rights amendment was finally passed by both houses in congress. Women still to this day fight to stay equal and for their god given rights.
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The 2000's consisted of so many great new things,and one of those was the equal rights for LGBT community. The first gay rights establishment was in 1924 in Chicago, decades pass and the community was growing stronger. In 2000 Vermont is the first state to legally acknowledge civil unions between lesbian and gay couples and in 2015 the supreme court ruled that same sex couples had every right to marry whom they love.

Material and Comfort



A very important invention of the 1960's was the DRAM or better known as, Dynamic random access memory. It was invented by Robert Dennard and the chip or DRAM increases the memory your computer is able to hold. Telstar was also launched in 1962, it was the first commercial satellite to go into orbit, this was a huge jump into a world of technologies soon to be explored.
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In 1990 one of the worlds most known telescopes, the Hubble was launched into orbit, and is still in orbit today, the Hubble is expected to last in space until 2018. In 1997 the pathfinder landed on Mars, the rover was named, Sojourner.