Mrs. LeBlanc's 1st Grade Class

September 28 - October 2 Week at a Glance

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Here is a look at what we will be learning this week!

Word Study

Every Friday, we will have a skills check to see if your child has mastered the skill we have focused on all week. There will be 10 principle words listed here that you can practice at home with your child. We will also be practicing these words in class throughout the week through a variety of activities.

Our skills check will now consist of 15 words. The first 5 words will be pulled from the principle words practiced at home and in class. The next 5 words will be application words and not practiced by the student. These words will help to show if your child is able to apply the skill to words not practiced or seen in class. The last 5 words will be the high frequency words we have been studying all week.


L blends (fl-, sl-, gl-, pl-, bl-, cl-)

Principle Words

flip, slap, glad, slick, plan, flop, black, club, clap, plum

High Frequency Words

We will be working on memorizing both how to read and spell

the words listed below. These words will be on the spelling check given on Friday.

are, with, they, be



- Identifying 3-Dimensional Shapes and describing their attributes (vertices, edges, and faces)

  • Shapes include: sphere, cone, cylinder, cube, triangular prism, rectangular prism

- Classify and sort regular and irregular 2D & 3D shapes based on attributes

  • Sorting by the number of vertices, sides, faces, etc.

Science/Social Studies



Reader's Workshop


Describe the plot of a story

  • Characters, setting, problem, & solution

Writer's Workshop


Beginning, Middle, and End stories

  • Adding the problem and solution