By Ian Hsiao

Introduction and How it's made

Welcome to the world of electricity! Electricity is all around you. From powering lights to giant machines to your brain. In this book you will learn all about electricity. You use it everyday.

There are 3 main types of electricity. Type one is hydroelectricity. Type two is wind power. Type three is atomic power. electricity is transferred to your house by those poles you always see with wires but after it's generated it goes through a transformer which changes the voltage to a extremely dangerous level to travel long distances. Then, right before it gets to your house, another transformer changes it back to a safe amount to be used. There also are conductance and resistance. Basically the higher the conductance, the easier for the electrons to flow through. And the higher the resistance, the harder it is for the electrons to contain their steady flow. Also by the time the power arrives at your home, it has already lost more than 2/3 of the power originally produced. One type of power that you are most familiar with will not be mentioned, which is fossil fuels. Fossil fuels will run out though. All less polluting power that can be reused is called, obviously, renewable energy sources.


Hydroelectricity is one of the simplest. You might be able to tell how it's made judging by it's name. If you guessed water, you would be right. This is how it's made:

HydroElectricity 2

The diagram you just saw was a diagram of how hydroelectricity is made. It's also the safest way. this has a downside, just like some other power types. water will run out someday so in the future, we might not have this type.

Wind Power!

Wind power is formed when giant turbine is turned by wind one way. The turbines look like giant poles as seen in these pictures:

What's inside a wind turbine?

Wind Power! 2

Wind power is very safe but also very complicated. But like most power, it has a downside. the downside is that wind randomly happens. Also, some days are windier than others so some days will have more power than others.


Atomic energy is made when atoms are splitted. When you split atoms, it releases enough energy to blow up a house. But if it's done safely, it can be used as power. They split the atoms by throwing atoms into each other. Then the atoms split, and the energy creates heat which makes water into steam which makes a generator spin.
How nuclear energy works

AtomicEnergy 2

But this is not the power of the future, but there is a downside. If you use atomic energy and there's a mistake, you could blow up the town. And it also creates greenhouse gases which supports global warming. It also creates toxic waste which is, of course, EXTREMELY dangerous. This is why to NEVER use atomic energy.