Kingdoms of Africa

Daily Life

Daily Living

One of the most important thing they did was learn to write. They farmed a lot and did some trading for resources they needed. Farming was hard in Africa because the weather and the flooding. The basic life of an average Kush was working on a farm and learning to write.


Religion is one of the most important things in the Kush kingdom. They worship about 14 gods.


  • Amun- God of sun and creator
  • Apedemak- warrior god
  • Arensnuphis- god of life
  • Bes- god of protection
  • Osiris- god of afterlife
  • Ptah- god of crafts
  • Thoth- god of moon

  • Amesemi- goddesses of protection
  • Bastet- goddesses of motherhood
  • Hathor- Goddesses of love
  • Isis- Goddesses that protect of dead
  • Ma'at- Goddesses of harmony
  • Sekhmet- Goddesses of anger
  • Taueret- Goddesses of protecting women