Tuesday 23 April 2013

Key Note Speaker Dr Lee Stiff

Dr. Stiff is a Professor of Mathematics Education and an associate member of the math department at NC State University. As such, he has taught courses in mathematics and mathematics education, including uses of technology in teaching mathematics, and the mathematics education of African-American children. Dr. Stiff's research and other professional activities have focused on teaching strategies, problem solving, the mathematics education of African-American children, and uses of instructional technologies in mathematics teaching. His research methodologies include experimental design, surveys and interviews, and classroom-based investigations. Dr Stiff has supported our GCCTM organization for two decades!

Dinner, Speaker & Student Recognition

Registration starts @ 6:00 pm - Program Starts at 6:30 pm

Tickets are $25 per person –

(reservation form separate attachment)

Money is due ASAP, send to checks payable to GCCTM

Attention: Sara Beth Kripinski

Beck Academy • 901 Woodruff Road • Greenville, SC 29607

Please join Greenville County Mathematics Teachers to celebrate and honor our students!

Student Honorees

Berea High School Alex Giron
Berea High School Neris Soto
Blue Ridge High School Aaron Anderson
Carolina High School Cameron Ross Fritz Farr
Eastside High School Gareth Tate
Greenville High School Michael Dantzler Spiers Jr
Greenville Technical Charter High School Alen Simmons
Greer High School Mary Kate Nicholson
Hillcrest High School Kimberly Rowland
JL Mann High School Robert Borowicz
JL Mann High School Thomas Coe
JL Mann High School Zachary Hargett
JL Mann High School Jacob Jones
Mauldin High School Robert Isaac McGill
Riverside High School Nathan Harrison Cotterman
Riverside High School Joshua Tran
Riverside High School Jiawei Zhang
Southside High School Pooja Jayaraman
Southside High School Aahil Merchant
Southside High School Ann-Elise Caroline Siden
Travelers Rest High School James Albert
Wade Hampton High School Weston Catron
Woodmont High School Cody Michael Davidson

At Brick Street Café

Brick Street Café located at 315 Augusta St (directly across the street from Greenville Senior High) – parking behind and adjacent to the venue

Math News: What's Next for AP Math?

A College Board official recently told education reporter Erik Robelen
that the board is considering developing a new Advanced Placement math
course. "We don't know what it would be yet," said Auditi Chakravarty,
vice president for AP curriculum, instruction and assessment at the
College Board. "We have AP statistics, AP calculus, and AP computer
science, so is there another? ... Is it college algebra? Applied
mathematics?" Chakravarty also said a new AP accounting course is under
consideration after a recent meeting with the American Institute of
CPAs. Education Week/Curriculum Matters blog