Australian Housing

by Saaketh Jasti and Suhas Sompalli

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The Double Triple Brick Veneer was first introduced in the 1960's and was predominantly built till the 1970's. During the 1960's, there was much chaos with The Vietnam War, the youth opposing the decisions of the government and more. And so, money was hard to get and that the was the main reason that this style of housing was built. It required a small budget but was still effective and had a plain style.


The house had a roof with all of the sides sloping downwards toward the walls. The exterior was generally light tan, light red or brown. The interior almost always had a simple layout with not much in the rooms since the income was low. This housing was the most visible architecture after WW II. They were designed for the "baby boomers" and this was the most affordable house for the parents.

Around the house

There was not much during the WW II time because money was low and they didn't feel a need for extra accessories for the house. Nowadays, these houses are in the suburban area and they have a lawn with bushes and other plants along with a fence usually, They do have garages now because the house was modified to fit the modern needs but it didn't back then.